The Mobile Laboratory

PenScreenSix is a comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests for Android® Tablets

The battery contains 22 performance and cognitive tasks designed to run on 7″ Android® tablets. It is intended for use in a supervised setting for research purposes.  The test battery is menu-driven, and allows specification of test length, and other parameters for each test run. Individual tests can be run from the menu, or sequences of tests can be set up for specific projects or for individual users. The current version is 6.2.1f, and the available tests are shown in the table, arranged by the domain assessed:

Arrow FlankersArrow Reaction TimeShape PairsSentence VerificationLittle ManN-back
Continuous AttentionFour-Choice Reaction TimeWord-List Learning/RecognitionVisual SearchRapid Visual Informatin Processing
Continuous PerformanceSimple Reaction TimeWord-Number RecallVisuospatial Working MemorySerial Subtraction (sevens)
Number-PairsSymbol-Digit SubstitutionSternberg Memory Scanning
Sustained Attention to ResponseTrails AStop-Signal Task
Trails B

PenScreenSix licenses are £150 per device, with quantity discounts available as follows:

Prices in GBP
Licenses 1-2150.00Per Device
Licenses 3-10112.5025% discount
Licenses 11+7550% discount

Payment can be made by PayPal or we can invoice on receipt of your official order. Please contact us to send your order. We will send the application package, which initially runs in demo mode. On receipt of payment we will send an authorization key, which will enable full functionality. Please note that PenScreenSix only runs on Android devices, and is optimized for use on 7-8″ tablets. For license conditions see here.